Faze Clan Claim DreamHack Austin PUBG Showdown

A tough and long competition finally came to a close with Faze Clan claiming victory at the DreamHack Austin 2018 PUBG Showdown.

it may have taken a few days, and a lot of matches, but the DreamHack Austin 2018 PUBG Showdown has finally concluded. The event saw many teams climbing up and down the ladder over the course of the event, but finally it was Faze Clan who managed to end up on top of the pile, closing out the series with a convincing lead over the rest of the competition.

The competition started strong, with Team Liquid winning the first round. The second round would go to Team EnVyUs, with round three ending with Team Kinguin on top. Round four would again go to Team EnVyUs, while Faze Clan managed to claim round five. The final round of the day went to the Pittsburgh Knights, with the overall standings placing Team EnVyUs in the lead.

The final results from Day 1 of competition

Day two kicked off with a bang, and when the carnage of round seven died down it was Nova Esports who had outlasted their competition. Round eight went to Faze Clan, already building on the points they had earned yesterday to seize the overall lead. Round nine would go to Team Liquid after a brutal and tough finish, while Team Dignitas would claim round ten after putting up some impressive kills. Wildcard Gaming managed to end up on top after round eleven, and the final round of the series saw Team Dignitas come out as the victors for their second chicken dinner of the day.

The final results from Day 2 of competition

In the end however, it was Faze Clan who had amassed the points needed to claim the ultimate victory, sitting atop the ladder with a lead of nearly 700 point lead over second place. With the tournament wrapped up, silence can finally settle over the map after an intense few days of non-stop action. For more action out of DreamHack Austin 2018, check out the results from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, here.