Cambodian Cockfighting – Dramatic with Many Exciting Matches

Cambodian cockfighting has always received the love of many passionate people. When participating, you will experience a series of exciting matches with high drama. Together New88 Immediately discover the interesting things that this type possesses right below the article.
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Some details about Cambodian cockfighting

Cambodian cockfighting is a type of entertainment that has been developed and maintained until now. Specifically, these are professionally organized cockfighting matches at famous Cambodian cockfights, notably Thomo.

Viewers will be able to admire many types of fighting cocks competing, satisfying their own entertainment needs. There are many different forms organized, including:

  • Traditional cockfighting.
  • Knife cockfighting.
  • Cockfighting with iron spurs.
  • Cockfighting with round spurs.

Each type has its own interesting things, which will definitely immerse players in wonderful moments of entertainment.

How to watch Cambodian cockfighting

To experience watching exciting cockfighting matches, you can choose many different forms to participate. Which includes:

Come directly to the arena

For Vietnamese brothers, you can move to Moc Bai border gate to get to Thomo arena as quickly as possible. With well-built and well-invested infrastructure, the grandstand area and the playing field have an ideal distance, helping viewers clearly feel each performance of the cocks.

However, this form has a limitation for many people in terms of time and location. If you are in a border area you will move faster. If you live too far away, it may take a few more days. That’s why it’s quite difficult for cockfighting enthusiasts in Vietnam to find their way to the fighting arena.

Online tracking

To solve the problems encountered by the above method of watching Cambodian cockfighting, the online platform was born. Specifically, you will be able to follow matches through smart devices with an internet connection. What you need to make sure is to choose the right forum to organize quality cockfighting viewing, not to let yourself fall into unfortunate risks.

With this form, no matter where you are or what you do, you can still access and watch cockfighting quickly. In particular, this platform also updates many attractive bets for members to experience. Thanks to that, you will have access to many valuable rewards in the future.

How to watch Cambodian cockfighting with New88

If you love watching cockfights online, don’t hesitate to come to New88. The experiences available here are extremely attractive and will not disappoint members.

Update enough information

Members coming to Cambodian cockfighting at New88 will be provided and updated with much necessary information for themselves. Specifically:
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  • Cockfighting match schedule.
  • Fighting information.
  • Odds and rewards.

Thanks to the information and data provided by the house, members can quickly find the right choice for themselves to hunt for rewards.

System quality is good

In New88’s Cambodian cockfighting, matches are held with quality images and sound. All the dramatic competitions of the cocks are clearly shown on the interface, helping viewers feel each round in the most authentic way, which is hard to find anywhere.

Diverse entertainment platforms

Members can experience watching Cambodian cockfighting with entertainment applications or websites. Currently, the house has integrated multiple operating systems, making installation easier. No matter which platform you watch cockfighting on, you will be provided with matches of the highest quality.

Receive many incentives

Not only providing the best quality free cockfighting viewing service, New88 also offers its members many attractive incentives. Gifts will be held regularly and continuously, for all members who have registered a valid account at the house. Items that you may encounter include top-up bonuses, refund promotions, sales bonuses, etc.

It’s safe to participate

Members’ information and data will be kept as secure as possible by the New88 system. Therefore, when watching Cambodian cockfighting or participating in betting, you do not need to worry about your privacy being violated. The house has built a security system with many advanced technologies, preventing harmful actions against players.


Cambodian cockfighting and a series of useful information have been updated in the article. It can be seen that if you join New88 you will have great experiences. So what are you waiting for? Try it today. Surely when you register successfully, you will also receive a series of attractive incentives.

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