Dress Codes Outdated

Is it possible for a school to enforce a dress code without being discriminatory? Perhaps. Some school districts are trying to do just that, like the San Jose Unified High School District in California. However, neither of those districts has seen any increase in inappropriate behavior despite the new policies. Some of these schools are experimenting with common sense dress codes, such as allowing certain types of clothing that cover specific parts of the body.

Some parents of students in PR and LP schools are organizing a protest to voice their opinion to the school board. They’ve come up with different ways of addressing this issue. For example, one of them aims to get the school board to eliminate dress codes entirely. For now, the school board is considering a referendum. However, this vote is unlikely to happen anytime soon. There is still a chance that the dress code will go on.

In the meantime, schools that don’t enforce dress codes are alienating people based on their race, gender, and body size. They often punish girls of color, as well as transgender students. Even if they’re not discriminatory, dress codes often encourage the resentment of those students who don’t conform to the expected standards. These students can be impacted by the policies, which are often imposed because of unconscious bias.

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