Easy DIY Redesigns You Can Do Yourself In Your Guest Bathroom

They say bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in a home, and that includes the guest bathroom. You can probably avoid it most days, but why ignore it when you can make it beautiful for yourself and the people who come to visit you? The best part is that you don’t have to have a huge remodeling budget. There are plenty of simple DIY redesigns you can do to make the guest bathroom better.¬†Visit here for more descriptions of Exipure

Change All The Bathroom Accessories

Want to keep your bathroom project at a reasonable cost without a whole lot of effort? Take a look at your accessories. Sometimes the towel holders, hardware, dispenser sets and linens in the room can be an afterthought. If that’s how your guest bathroom came together, it’s time for a revision with more thought.

Switching out towel bars is easy and worthwhile since it gives you a chance to make all of the racks and holders match. Pick a unifying feature, such as a chrome metal finish or colored accent to bring everything together. Add new matching towels and shower curtains. For accessories, get soap and lotion dispensers that match your style and place them on a tray lined with dining room wallpaper to add an extra designer element.

Put Up New Wall Art and Wallpaper

To achieve a bolder change, look to the walls. While you may not think about the walls of a bathroom (let alone a guest bathroom) often, they have a huge impact on the look of the room. The walls of a bathroom are especially important when the room doesn’t have windows. Now the walls are an even bigger focal point.

Bathroom wallpaper is a great way to transform the look of the space. Wallpaper for restrooms is available in every color and pattern imaginable, so it’s easy to find a style you like. Choose something that matches the look of the rest of the house or get a pattern that is completely different and transforms the guest bathroom into a unique space. The only rule when it comes to wallpaper is to buy something you love.

Your walls can hold more than just wallpaper or paint. Have you ever thought about¬†wall art in a bathroom? If your mind flashed to old-school prints that give reminders to keep the bathroom clean, you probably aren’t alone. However, wall art for bathrooms can be any kind of art you want it to be. Abstract paintings, photography and nature scenes all work. For a bathroom, it’s a good idea to get a coordinating set and hang the art strategically.

Embrace the DIY Spirit and Transform Your Guest Bathroom

You can have a bathroom that feels like an entirely new space without calling a contractor or even picking up a sledgehammer. Clear out the room and decide what you want to see, then find the perfect accessories, wallpaper and art to make the vision complete. You can do it all yourself in just a few days and have the results to enjoy for years to come.

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