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Welcome to  New88sg – famous online platform for Card games Mau Binh! Are you learning about the rules of the game and want to grasp winning strategies to become a strong player in this game? Let us help you. In this article, we will introduce Mau Binh Bai, guide how to play and provide strategies so you can win the above matches.  New88. Let’s explore!

Introducing Bai Mau Binh

Mau Binh card game, a popular card game in Vietnam, has become a phenomenon not to be missed. Requires skill in arranging cards into three sets: two sets of five cards and one set of three cards. The ultimate goal is to arrange your cards so that each of your sets is worth more than your opponent’s. The game is often more interesting when you and three other players participate, and each player is dealt 13 cards. Mau Binh Card Game Rules

Deal and arrange cards in Mau Binh Cards

Before starting the game, the cards will be divided equally among the players. Each player will receive 13 cards. Then, players will arrange the cards to form 3 decks of cards including 2 sets of 5 cards and 1 set of 3 cards. .

Standards for card placement and scoring

In Mau Binh card game, there are a number of standards that need to be followed when ranking 

  • Threes: The cards in a three must have the same number of points or the same suit (same spades, same clubs, same diamonds, or same hearts).
  • Set of five: The cards in a set of five must have the same number of points or the same suit.
  • Common pairs: Common pairs are two pairs of cards with close scores (for example: 3 of diamonds – 3 of clubs and 4 of diamonds – 4 of clubs).
  • Gray: Gray is four cards with the same value, for example: four 2s or four 7s.
  • Straight: A straight is a consecutive sequence of cards of the same suit. Straights are counted from 3 or more and apply to sets of 5 cards.
  • Flush: Flush is a set of 5 cards of the same suit.

When scoring, each set will be compared with the opponent’s set. The player with the higher set will win and be scored accordingly.

Basic tactics in Bai Mau Binh

To become a strong player in Mau Binh card, you need to apply the right tactics. Here are some basic strategies to help you increase your chances of winning:

Effective card dealing strategy

When dealing cards, pay attention to considerations to create strong decks. Take advantage of high-value cards and create strong decks from scratch. This will give you an advantage from the beginning of the match and make it more difficult for your opponents.

Build and develop decks of cards

During the game, take advantage of each turn to build and develop your deck. Look to create strong decks and take advantage of high-value cards to improve your deck. This will make you more likely to win games.
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Tips for playing Mau Binh Cards at  New88

 New88 brings many special features to help you conveniently play Mau Binh Cards. Here are some tips for you to get the most out of the game  New88:

Use the special features above  New88

 New88 offers many special features such as live chat with opponents, sending messages, and participating in tournaments. Take advantage of these features to create interaction and fun during gameplay

Note the instructions and word suggestions  New88

 New88 provides guidance and suggestions from experts to help you improve your Mau Binh card playing skills. Please read carefully and apply this information to improve your playing level.

Frequently asked questions about Bai Mau Binh at  New88

Below are some common questions about Bai Mau Binh at  New88 and answer instructions:

Question 1: What are the rules of Mau Binh card game?

To play Mau Binh Cards, you need to arrange the cards into 3 sets, of which 2 sets must have 5 cards and 1 set must have 3 cards. The goal is to arrange the cards so that each suit has a higher value than your opponent’s suit. The decks will be compared to determine the winner.

Question 2: How to calculate points in Bai Mau Binh?

Each deck will be compared with the opponent’s deck. The player with the higher set will win and be scored accordingly.


Mau Binh card game is a popular card game in Vietnam and  New88 Bring a great experience to players by applying effective playing strategies and taking advantage of the above special features  New88, you can become a strong player in this game. Join now  New88 and experience the joy of Bai Mau Binh!

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