The Definition of Entertainment

The definition of entertainment is anything that gives pleasure to a person. It is usually a performance of some sort, such as a Broadway play, stadium rock concert, or even a friend squabbling over the last bag of potato chips. The word entertainment derives from the Old French word entretenir, which means “to hold together,” and eventually came to mean “to amuse.” Today, entertainment encompasses many forms of entertainment, including music, visual art, and theater.

The entertainment industry can be categorized as any kind of business that generates value through providing entertainment for people. Most people associate this industry with exciting, vivid, and packaged experiences. Entertainment can be categorized into two broad categories: the motion picture industry, which create feature films and distribute animation; the music industry, which make music videos;, and the media industry, which produces and broadcasts radio, television, and social media. Some forms of entertainment include theme parks, amusement parks, museums, festivals, and performances.

Among the types of entertainment, children’s entertainment tends to be play-based. While entertainment may be passive, such as watching a play or opera, it also fosters social interaction and physical development. It helps kids practice the skills necessary to enjoy sports and music. Children also need to engage in entertainment activities to improve their motor skills. While these activities are crucial for healthy development, the majority of today’s entertainment involves advanced technology. The benefits of engaging in these types of entertainment activities are well-known.

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