What Are The Features Used In Slot Machines?

Online slots have advanced technologies since the era when pubs, clubs, and several casinos everywhere began to provide elementary fruit machines with three reels. Software developers run these wildly popular slots at Zeus88, which function like video games without the restrictions of having three mechanical reels.

Over the past several years, video slot producers have pushed the envelope by creating games with five or more reels, countless paylines, various bonus rounds, and special features, not to mention HD video and 3D graphics. While most slot machines have a few typical characteristics, we have discovered that some elements make playing the game more fun.

Slots Features

It’s crucial to look for slots with features you like because of the various games available. The mere presence of slot machine features does not guarantee higher payout rates for online slots. Thus, slot machines with extra bonuses may charge you more coins to play. It’s up to you whether you decide to spend that extra money to gain access to the intriguing features.

Free Spins

Free spins are included in bonus packages at online casino sites. Free spins are not a game feature; they get an incentive or reward presented to the player. Free spins are a feature seen in many slot games, though.

Free spins get offered to you in response to the number of scatters or another event. Then you are given several free spins on the reels that pay out as usual.

The “buy a feature” option gets seen in more recent online slots like Zeus88. You’ll pay between 50 and 150 times your total wager, but the free spins feature begins. Free spin re-triggers are another possibility with free spins. For instance, you might receive ten free spins at the beginning of the bonus and an additional five each time a scatter symbol appears.

Wilds Symbols

You can match highly valued symbols since a wild symbol can be – used – by other slot symbols in the game. The best payouts in some games can get obtained by matching five or three wild symbols.

Some slot machines have wild symbols that may do more than act as substitutions. For whatever the signs it matches, this also includes a multiplication function. Other games can need expanding, spreading, or duplicating wilds to enhance these symbols’ positions on the reels and increase your chances of making matches. Another well-liked feature is sticky wilds, which keeps wild symbols in place even when the reels get spun for free.


A payline is the row in a slot machine where matching symbols must land to produce winning combinations. In three-reel slot machines, the single payline runs along the middle row of the three reels.

The number of paylines that can get staked on in modern slots ranges from 5, 10, 20, 50, and even 100. The winning lines, often called – paylines, can be zigzag or horizontal. In the pay table for each game, they get indicated as either flexible or set.

Any number of paylines, some with thousands, can be included in video slots with five to seven reels. Paylines divide a player’s wager for each spin; As a result, their stake on a 20-pay line slot machine will be one unit per payline.

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