What is a 30-number lottery? How to play the 30-digit lottery correctly

Outline of 30 numbers is the choice of many new players when participating in lottery games. That’s because the chance of winning and winning when applying this method is quite large. This is also the outstanding advantage and advantage of this form of betting. So how to play the lottery effectively, what is the method to reduce money? Every experience is expert Bookmaker New88 Share now.

What is a 30-number lottery?

Outline of 30 numbers is a set of numbers consisting of 30 different optimal numbers and ranges from 00 to 99. Normally, players will use these three numbers to play lottery for the following days. When playing those numbers, the odds of winning and receiving are usually high. However, to deduce a set of 30 numbers, you must apply many different methods of prediction.

Besides, if you want to follow this outline, you need to own a certain amount of capital. Plan spending and allocate capital in the most reasonable way to avoid losses. Absolutely do not bet based on emotions because the possibility of getting lucky and losing the bet is extremely large.

Unbeatable method of playing 30-number lottery

To help you apply the 30-number lottery method, below we have compiled some standard betting methods, applied by many players as follows:

Raise the double frame for 3 days

The method of raising a double lottery frame for a set of 30 numbers within 3 days has been used by many lottery players and has brought very high efficiency. With this way of playing, everyone will summarize the numbers that frequently appear in the special prize.

Pay special attention to numbers that appear frequently and have the potential to win big prizes. Next, you need to pay attention to the first prize and special prize results. If we see that there are double numbers in these two prizes, then we will filter the double numbers in the 30-number lottery to proceed with raising the double frame for 3 days.

Apply head 0 bottom 0 play style

To play this way, you must regularly monitor and calculate special prizes every day. If in the case of a special prize you see the number 0 appear right in the middle, that is a sign for you to know that there is about to be a head or a tail that will not return in the near future. At this time, please quickly create for yourself a 30-number lottery in a 2-5 day frame to play.

Specifically, people will get the following numbers: 80, 09, 01, 30, 04, 40, 08, 10, 50, 06, 60, 07, 02, 20, 03 05, 70, 90. For example, For example, in the statistics table and you see today’s special prize is 29083. That means 0 has appeared in the middle, so you should play the lottery with the numbers above.

Raise the frame for 3 days with a general outline

Besides the method of raising double frames or relying on the strategy of starting 0, ending 0, you can also apply the method of raising 30-number lottery numbers according to the general lottery system. To own a good and accurate lottery list, players need to rely on the total number of lottery numbers from the last 2 days.

Next, we will consider whether those numbers are equal. If they are equal, then select the numbers that own these numbers to play for 7 consecutive days.

Use touch lottery play

Applying this method of raising 30 birds is also quite simple. Take the first number of the 2nd day of the special prize at the drawing station you are playing and add it to the first number of the 3rd day of that special prize. Finally, you take that total as the benchmark to find a set of 30 numbers to support the frame with the possibility of winning big.

Tips for entering the most accurate 30-number premise

After knowing how to apply the 30-number lottery method. Below, we will share with you some effective ways to make money using this style of play.

Play at a ratio of 1: 2: 3

According to this ratio, on the first day, everyone will put in one point or lottery of their choice. If the set of numbers does not come back, on the third day, double the number of points, and similarly on the third day, three points. This deposit rate is considered quite low so it is safe for many players, especially new players or suitable for those with little capital.

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Deposit money at a ratio of 1: 2: 4

The way to deposit money when playing this 30-number lottery is similar to the method above. On the first day, everyone only needs to put in one coin, on the second day, put in two coins and if it still doesn’t come back, on the third day we will raise money. High deposit amount up to 4 VND. Therefore, with this way of entering money, if you win, the player will receive back double his original bet amount.

Deposit money at a ratio of 1: 2: 5

The method of entering money 1:2:5 also applies similarly to the 2 books above. Even though we put in a lot of capital on the last day, if we win, we can make up for the losses of the previous 2 days. Therefore, if you deposit money at this rate, the player’s profit will be much higher than the other two ways.

However, the limitation is that the amount of capital also needs to be more. You can consider your own financial ability to choose the appropriate deposit rate.


Overall, gameplay 30-number lottery Very suitable for new players to increase their winning rate. If you love playing lottery and want to achieve high results, you can absolutely apply the experiences and good tips above. Guaranteed to help you improve your lottery skills and playing skills.

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