What Is Amazon Athena?

Athena is an ancient Greek goddess known for her wisdom. She is often depicted in a majestic way, with a shield by her feet and a Medusa head on her breast. Many other ancient art pieces depict her with a lance and a serpent at her feet. Athena’s name comes from the Greek word athenoa, which can also mean moon, earth, or air. Ancient Greeks called Athena the Lady of Athens. Various Linear A and B tablets mention her as the Lady of Athens. These tablets also mention her as the daughter of Zeus. Several fresco pieces show Athena as a warrior with a shield in her hand.

Amazon Athena is a serverless database service that allows you to use a SQL language to analyze data in Amazon S3. You can run queries on Amazon S3 using a standard SQL language. Because Amazon Athena is serverless, there is no need to deploy an expensive cluster or implement your own infrastructure. You’ll only pay for the data you want to analyze and its format. You can also use Athena to perform advanced data analytics on any size data set.

Amazon Athena can process many different types of data. It supports standard data formats such as Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Parquet, and it also offers an SQL query engine. It also supports various compressed data formats, including Snappy, Zlib, and LZO. It uses Amazon S3 as its underlying data store, which provides redundancy. If you’re planning to use Amazon Athena for data analysis, you may want to consider the following advantages:

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