What Type of Bird Food Should You Feed Your Bird?

Insects are the main staple of songbird diets in summer. These tasty treats are easy to catch and provide the birds with a healthy dose of protein. Alternatively, you can try feeding mealworms. You can buy freeze-dried mealworms or mix them with other kinds of seeds and nuts. However, if you’re thinking of breeding mealworms, make sure your bird has a sensitive stomach and doesn’t eat rotting food.

Generally, base diets should be given in the morning when your bird is most hungry. These can include Nutri-Berries, Avi-Cakes, Pellet-Berries, and Premium Daily Diet Pellets. But, remember that these foods should not be cooked because they can become hard around a wild bird’s beak, which makes feeding and breathing difficult. Also, don’t forget to give your bird peanuts! They’ll be very appreciative and eat them frequently, especially when the weather turns cold.

Seeds can be purchased in bulk quantities at feed stores and seed wholesalers. Birds love suet, which is a type of hard fat that is found around the loins and kidneys of beef and sheep. You can buy suet in bulk at your grocery store, tie it to a tree, or wrap it in fiber-type onion sacks. Alternatively, you can make a suet cake and serve it as your birds’ meal.

Cheese is also a popular option for bird feed. Although uncooked cheese is bad for birds, small pieces of it are fine. Also, rice is a great source of carbohydrates. A bird will love a bowl of cooked rice but avoid steamed or raw rice grains. Uncooked grains can cause digestive upset and death in birds. Despite its reputation, rice has a low nutritional value but is a healthy option for birds. If you are not sure what type of bird food to offer, ask your veterinarian.

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