Why is it convenient to use virtual sms numbers?

A virtual number for sms is a service offered by telecom operators or special platforms. Its main advantage is that it does not need to be tied to a location, which guarantees confidentiality. To receive SMS to virtual numbers and carry out other operations, it is enough to have any gadget and an Internet connection. Let’s see in which case it could be a great idea to buy virtual mobile number for sms verification.

Ways to use the service

A lot of modern sites and services work the way, that a full number of options is available only for registered users. For example, if it’s an online store you can take a look at the offer but to make an order you are to create a new account. And in the registration form you’re to fill in your phone number. This information needs to be confirmed. For the service the way to confirm is to send a message to the given number. As only you managed to fill in the field with the code, sent via sms, the service gets an assurance that you’re using a real number.

But the thing is that with modern technologies it makes no difference whether you’re using a real number (with SIM-card inserted in a physical mobile device) or a virtual phone number for sms verification. The system can never know, because it’s impossible to track. And it doesn’t matter: as only you’ve entered exactly the same code, which was sent, the service gets the needed guarantee that this number is in your possession and that’s perfectly enough.

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Besides signing up, fake number generator with sms can also be useful for passing verification procedures. As a bright example we can take bookmakers and online casino sites. The majority of such services base their work on internationally accepted principle, called KYC (Know Your Client). For such sites it’s not enough to just create an account. For security reasons they also ask their clients to pass verification procedure.

So if you buy virtual number for sms to sign up at such a site, you should be very attentive . The thing is that if you’re using such an option when you pick up your service and get a number for a single sms, but your site also requires additional verification procedures, you would have troubles with passing them, because the same number would not be available anymore. For such cases it’s better to order a number for a certain period of time, within which you can receive as much messages as you would need just to pass all the registration and verification procedures and make sure that you wouldn’t need exactly the same number to receive sms anymore.

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