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At-Home Treatment For Addiction

If you are looking for at-home treatment, you have many options to consider. Inpatient treatment is often the safest and most effective option for some patients, but at-home treatment can be just as effective. Depending on the type of addiction, at-home treatment can be both cost-effective and convenient. Some programs charge as much as $38,000 per year, but insurance companies may cover a portion of these costs. You can also maintain your regular responsibilities while undergoing treatment.

During the at-home treatment, a nurse will provide treatment for patients who are unable to go to the hospital. The nurse will administer IV therapy (infusion) or check vital signs. She will also educate you on the dosage and safe handling of oral medications. If your loved one receives intravenous medications, a home health nurse can give them their medicine without worry. They can also train you to give the injection. In-home treatment is an excellent option when you are unable to go to the hospital.

In the United States, new policies that promote efficiency may spur interest in this model. A Baltimore-based medical system, Johns Hopkins Medicine, has been operating an at-home hospital program since 1994. The model is detailed in a book called Hospital at Home Programs: Step-by-Step

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