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How to Apply False Lashes

To apply false lashes successfully, you’ll want to start by getting the glue on the lash bands. This will help the adhesive to adhere to the eyelashes and not the lids. After applying the glue, wait a few minutes for the lash to get tacky. If you apply it too soon, the lash will slide all over the place and the glue won’t be as sticky. Then, you’ll need to reapply the lash, giving it time to set.

Next, you’ll need to align the false eyelash strip with your natural lash line. Make sure to tilt the mirror back while applying the false lash. With an open eye, start at the inner corner of your eye and press the center of the strip against the lash line. Then, gently press the ends of the strip to the outer corners of your eye. Don’t forget to line your upper lash line with black eyeliner to hide the glue base of the false lash.

The second step in applying false lashes is to choose a brand that has slanted-tip tweezers. These tweezers have a good grip and will help you hold the false lashes in place. Mangrum recommends using a thin line of lash glue and connecting the outer corner to the inner corner. Once you have positioned the strip, adjust it to create the perfect line, and you’ll have bat-worthy lashes!

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