Comprehensive Guideline of the Best PDF Annotator of 2023

Most offices have decreased paper usage by nearly 20-35% because paper waste is a serious issue in the global market. In place of paper, the majority of workplaces use digital documents that are not only easy to handle but also have a positive impact on the environment.

In many departments, the digital document circulates in the form of a PDF. Undoubtedly this format saves every type of data with high security. However, the main flaw it holds is major operating systems don’t have in-built PDF annotators. Due to this shortcoming, there is a strong need for a powerful PDF annotator that can professionally annotate PDFs.

Part 1: The Robust and Feature Packed PDF Annotator – UPDF 

UPDF is the best PDF annotator of the 21st century because of its ultra-modern annotation features. These features work at a remarkably high speed and do amazing changes that are the requirement of the progressive world. Now bank operators do not have to waste money making stamps because, on UPDF, they can create custom stamps that are easy to change at any time. 

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Moreover, the paper that wastes in making stickers can also be saved by using the beautiful and vibrant collection of stickers available on this annotator. Another major advantage of this intuitive tool is that you can attach sticky notes to e-books for adding supporting comments. Graphic designers can also benefit from it because it provides the finest pencil tool to draw different types of graphics on PDFs. 

Part 2: How to Annotate PDF with UPDF 

UPDF cares a lot about the comfort of its users. That’s why all the features are well organized. Dealing with any of the annotation features is very easy. However, if you have some confusion, read the following steps to learn how to annotate PDFs.

Step 1: Launch UPDF and Add PDF

Download UPDF from the official website and install it by following the simple steps provided by the installer. Open UPDF on your device by double-clicking on the tool icon. Press the “Open File” button and select the PDF you want to annotate. After selecting, tap the “Open” button to add the document.

Step 2: Mark up the PDF Text

Select the “Comment” icon at the top left to enable the annotate feature. A navigation toolbar will appear at the top of the PDF file. If you want to highlight the text, click on the “Highlight” icon and choose the color. Afterward, select the text you want to highlight. In this way, you can also use the other three markup options, which are “Strikethrough,” “Underline,” and “Squiggly.”

Step 3: Add Comments in PDF

For adding comments, four options are available such as “Text Comment,” Text Box,” “Text Callout,” and “Sticky Note.” If you want to add a comment in the form of sticky notes, select the “Sticky Note” icon and choose the color. Now, add it to the desired place and write the comment. To delete the added sticky note, double-click on it and press the “Delete” icon. 

Step 4: Add Stamps, Stickers, and Shapes to the PDF

Access the “Stamp” icon and select the stamp you want to add. Now, click on the place where you want to add the comment. You can use border handles to change the size and position of the stamp. Similar to this process, shapes and stickers can be added to the PDF file.

Step 5: Draw Shapes in PDF

Hit the “Pencil” icon and then adjust the “Border Color,” “Opacity,” and “Thickness” options. Now take the cursor where you want to draw the shape. To remove the shape, select the “Eraser” icon. After annotating, go to the “File” menu and select “Save.”

Part 3: Other Key Features of UPDF – The Best PDF Annotator

UPDF is not just a tool used to annotate PDFs. It works beyond expectations. This unique tool excels in solving problems related to PDF files. More than 1 million people trust UPDF because it provides the best innovative features that are helpful in dealing with PDFs. In this section, some of the other remarkable features of this dynamic tool are provided: 

1. Edit PDF Without Any Limitations

Students can increase their learning productivity by removing unnecessary texts from PDF files. Such editing in the text can only be done by using UPDF. You can also correct the orientation of images by rotating them in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Above all, colors in the background of pages can be added to beautify files. 

2. Convert PDF To Any Popular Format

If your recruiter demands a resume in Word file instead of PDF, convert it now using the convert feature of UPDF. It offers different file formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and many more. Moreover, you can change a PDF to the most advanced PDF/A format to increase its security for a longer duration. If you are handling too many documents, convert them all together using its Batch Convert feature. 

3. Organize and Crop PDF With High Accuracy

Disorganized PDF files are one of the major reasons behind slow learning. UPDF, which also works as a PDF organizer, can professionally organize PDF pages. Besides, it allows you to crop the entire document or just a single page. While cropping, you can adjust the page’s margins, width, and height. 

4. OCR PDF to Recognize Scanned Text and Images

Transferring the data from the handwritten notes to the digital document is an energy-draining task. However, it is straightforward to perform using UPDF because of its advanced OCR technology. You can accurately extract text and images from any scanned document. 

Part 4: Distinguish Characteristics of UPDF from Adobe Acrobat

UPDF is far ahead of Adobe Acrobat in terms of features. Many advanced features which are in high demand are absent in Adobe Acrobat but available on UPDF. Read the following comparative points to learn how UPDF is better than Adobe:

1. Blazing Fast Speed

Your productivity will increase a lot while using this tool because it presents no bugs or glitches. However, working on Adobe Acrobat is hectic because the program often shutdown down abruptly. 

2. Loaded with Advanced Features

UPDF allows you to display PDF as a slideshow, which is impossible on Adobe Acrobat. In addition, rich text by drop and drag method cannot be added even by using the Premium version of the latter tool.

3. Affordable Subscription Plans

Students and low-grade professionals are always in search of cost-effective tools. UPDF is the best tool in this regard because it provides affordable subscription plans. Plus, a single license of UPDF can be used on multiple platforms. 

4. Eye-Friendly Interface

The interface of Adobe Acrobat is not eye-catching because of the outdated color scheme which it has. In contrast, UPDF has a delightful interface filled with vibrant colors. Thus, you don’t have to worry about how to annotate PDFs while using UPDF.


In the final verdict, UPDF is the best tool to annotate PDFs compared to Adobe Acrobat. Apart from annotation, this user-friendly tool is also helpful in editing, organizing, and converting documents. Professionals of any grade can use it for dealing with PDF-linked problems. Try UPDF now to make desired changes in documents.

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