Deadmau5 Livestreams Himself Getting Tattoo of a PUBG Esports Meme In a Very Painful Spot

EDM Music star and avid gamer Deadmau5 recently got a tattoo to mock PUBG esports right on the back of his hand – and livestreamed the whole thing.

Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, is famous for his many EDM hits, including Strobe and ‘Ghosts N Stuff’, but is also known to be a keen gamer.

He even occasionally streams on Amazon owned platform Twitch, where, in addition to making music live, he is also found playing a variety of games, most commonly PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

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But, on May 21st, he took his camera out with him to do a rare ‘In Real Life’ (IRL) stream – of him getting a very… interesting tattoo.

Despite being voted Esports Game of the Year at the SXSW awards, Deadmau5 clearly disagrees, tattooing the words ‘ESPORTS READY’ (we presume sarcastically) next to the infamous PUBG ‘frying pan’.

And Deadmau5 didn’t make it easy on himself, getting the tattoo directly on the back of his hand – a notoriously painful spot to get inked.

Considering some of his other tattoos, it is not so surprising that he would ink what is essentially a gaming meme on such a prominent spot on his body.

He also has tats about Nyan Cat and Space Invaders, making his PUBG ‘Esports Ready’ one just the latest in a line of his gaming related body art.

Faze Clan Claim DreamHack Austin PUBG Showdown

A tough and long competition finally came to a close with Faze Clan claiming victory at the DreamHack Austin 2018 PUBG Showdown.

it may have taken a few days, and a lot of matches, but the DreamHack Austin 2018 PUBG Showdown has finally concluded. The event saw many teams climbing up and down the ladder over the course of the event, but finally it was Faze Clan who managed to end up on top of the pile, closing out the series with a convincing lead over the rest of the competition.

The competition started strong, with Team Liquid winning the first round. The second round would go to Team EnVyUs, with round three ending with Team Kinguin on top. Round four would again go to Team EnVyUs, while Faze Clan managed to claim round five. The final round of the day went to the Pittsburgh Knights, with the overall standings placing Team EnVyUs in the lead.

The final results from Day 1 of competition

Day two kicked off with a bang, and when the carnage of round seven died down it was Nova Esports who had outlasted their competition. Round eight went to Faze Clan, already building on the points they had earned yesterday to seize the overall lead. Round nine would go to Team Liquid after a brutal and tough finish, while Team Dignitas would claim round ten after putting up some impressive kills. Wildcard Gaming managed to end up on top after round eleven, and the final round of the series saw Team Dignitas come out as the victors for their second chicken dinner of the day.

The final results from Day 2 of competition

In the end however, it was Faze Clan who had amassed the points needed to claim the ultimate victory, sitting atop the ladder with a lead of nearly 700 point lead over second place. With the tournament wrapped up, silence can finally settle over the map after an intense few days of non-stop action. For more action out of DreamHack Austin 2018, check out the results from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, here.

Shroud and Dr DisRespect to Appear At DreamHack PUBG Showdown

The popular streamers will be attending a meet and greet as well as competing in the PUBG Duos Showdown against fans.

With DreamHack Austin right around the corner, you’d think you would be up to date on everything that’s going to be taking place at the event, from the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series event, to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. Well, it seems the organizers have one more thing up their sleeves to surprise attendees, with hugely popular streamers Guy “Dr DisRespect” Beahm and Michael “shroud” Grzesiek set to make an appearance at the event.

The two incredibly skilled streamers will be attending a fan meet and greet, as well as compete against the pair as they join in the DreamHack PUBG Showdown Duos Challenge. As the site reads, “How often do you watch a stream and think to yourself if only you had a stage, you could beat anyone there? This Friday we are opening up the PUBG stage to the community so come get your chance at DreamHack Austin in the DreamHack PUBG Showdown Duos Challenge! Competing in the challenge will be none other than Shroud and Dr DisRespect so this is a true chance to test your skills against PUBG Legends!”

It's gonna take a lot of skill and determination to take down this pair
It’s gonna take a lot of skill and determination to take down this pair

Winning the event will grant the lucky players the following prize: A trip to DreamHack Winter for 2 (travel support up to $1,000 per person) and a firm handshake from Dr DisRespect. Additionally there is a bounty of $50 for every kill on either Dr DisRespect or Shroud. The event itself is a first come first serve with 30 spots available.

The schedule is as follows:

11:00 am: All teams need to check-in

1:00 pm: Check-in closes, any teams not checked in will be replaced by those on the waitlist.

1:00 pm – 2:00pm: Set-up and practice / prep

2:00 pm: Live and 5 maps are played and stream, will take as long as needed expected roughly 4 hours

The duo teams will compete across 5 maps, with the same point structure as the DreamHack Austin PUBG Showdown being used to determine a victor:

1st          400

2nd        300

3rd         240

4th         200

5th         165

6th         135

7th         110

8th         90

9th         75

10th       65

11th       55

12th       46

13th       38

14th       32

15th       27

16th       23

Survive the Longest with these Tips in PUBG

When it comes to playing PUBG, there is no doubt regarding how fun the game is. When it comes to winning, however, it can get a bit trickier. There are a total of 100 players simultaneously on a map during each round. Being the only survivor amongst those 100 in an attrition duel of around 20-30 minutes is not easy at all.

But hold your horses. There is always playerunknown battlegrounds hack as well as some tips that will definitely boost your abilities and skills, and allow you to last longer on the battlefield. So, gear up soldier! These are some things you ought to remember.

Essential Basics

In order to win a round, you need to master the basics first. The initial phase is all about farming for loot. However, many players simply fail at that and die as soon as they land.

  1. The first thing you look for when you land is a decent weapon. If you cannot defend yourself, there is no way you can win.
  2. Secondly, you want healing items, followed by armour, backpacks, ammo and other essentials. Be sure to manage your inventory well since it fills up pretty easily.
  3. Do not leave doors open. It tells other players that someone else has been there. Those who ignore these smaller things are the ones who end up losing. Hence, keep this in mind even when using pubg hacks.
  4. Clear a building before starting to loot. It is an obvious tactic to leave loot open as bait. Don’t leave your corners unchecked when entering a building either.
  5. Do not engage large groups of enemies, especially at a long range. This is even truer if you are not in a squad.

Mastering the Middle Game

The middle game in PUBG is where most people have problems. It is this phase where people lose their patience and eventually die. So, opt for playerunknown battlegrounds hacks as well as select ways below to ease your problems:

  • Never ignore the safe circle in greed of loot. Damage taken from being outside the circle is not a matter of joke.
  • Do not spam bandages when you are healing yourself. They take time to be fully effective so don’t move around and apply them only when the previous one has taken its full time to heal.
  • Take note that you will be able to carry more with you if you equip the larger items and put the smaller ones in your bag. A simple trick, but one, which people seem to ignore.
  • Use of vehicles in PUBG is very tricky and can force unskilled players into using pubg hacks. While they cover large distances, they give up your position very easily as well. So, be wise when getting into a car the next time. learn more about PUBG hacks!

Other Options

Well, if all of the above sounds like a chore, you can always use some playerunknown battlegrounds hacks that you can easily find on the internet. These will enhance your game in such a way that you do not have to be aware of any of the above-mentioned things.